Eastgate Youth OrchestrA German-Polish-Ukranian Music Project

Hello, hallo, cześć & привіт.

Thank you for visiting this youth orchestra project with students from Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.
We want to show you what we stand for as well as let you know when and where our concerts will take place.


Dear reader,

music is a universal world language. It stands for peaceful cross-border communication without words, for the joint creation and experience of sound art and emotions. With this in mind, the Eastgate Youth Orchestra was founded in 2022. It is a joint project between three schools specializing in music from Germany, Poland and Ukraine, which enables young musicians to make music together, get to know different cultural areas and ways of life, intensively engage with history and enjoy rehearsals and performances as a group. The first successful tour through Germany and Poland took place last year.

Berlin is represented in this orchestra project by the traditional Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Music High School, which is now a flagship of the Berlin school landscape and one of the largest and most successful training centers for young professional musicians in Europe. The acceptance of Ukrainian music students who had to flee last year from the Russian war of aggression against their country gave the music high school the impetus for this special kind of orchestra project. I am very pleased to see how much commitment all the schools and participants involved are investing in their young European musicians and the cultural exchange. As patron of the Eastgate Youth Orchestra, I would like to thank everyone involved very much!

I wish all the instrumentalists and the audience a lot of joy and a very special shared musical experience on November 17th in the Berlin Gedächtniskirche.


Katharina Günther-Wünsch
Senator for Education, Youth and Family
Patron Eastgate Youth Orchestra 2023


Dear friends,

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 2nd concert tour of the Eastgate Youth Orchestra.

Art is the territory of freedom. It is able to overcome obstacles and unite countries. Only united with the entire civilized world we can jointly preserve the centuries-old artistic heritage, multiply and develop it with new actual cultural projects. And the Eastgate Youth Orchestra is a vivid example of that.

I express my gratitude to the initiators of the project for the
wonderful opportunity to gather on one stage the young virtuosos from the specialized art education institutions of Ukraine, Poland and Germany, who will represent the performing traditions of their countries.
I am confident that the Eastgate Youth Orchestra will present new aspects of the modem musical culture of Ukraine, Germany and Poland and will promote further creative collaborations between the artists of our countries. I wish the participants the brilliant performances and the long and successful artistic life to the Eastgate Youth Orchestra.


Sincerely yours,
Acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy


Dear Participants,

I cordially greet you and all the organizers of this extraordinary project, the Eastgate Youth Orchestra, and this year‘s autumn Concert Tour event, which brings together the Ukrainian, German, and Polish nations for the second time.
The idea of the entire enterprise, in my opinion, is best reflected in Plato‘s thought: „Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything.”

I wish that this grand adventure, commencing at Morawa Palace in Poland, then moving to Berlin and Potsdam in Germany, returning to our native Poznań, and culminating at the Rogalin Palace, will be one magnificent celebration of friendship in beautiful settings filled with virtuoso sounds.

Best wishes

Zdzisław Bujanowski
Director of the Artistic Education Center
Units of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


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